MRD Founder Mr. Allan Law

Allan Law's entire life has been consumed passionately and unselfishly serving the poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged youth, and their families. Since 1967 he has volunteered more than 175,000 hours, and has personally spent almost $500,000 serving…. with love and compassion and delivering a message of hope to those most in need. Over the years he has received numerous awards, including the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Gold Medallion presented at the U.S. Supreme Court. He has also received recognition from 3 U.S. Presidents for his Public Service. His dedication to helping others, and serving those in need through difficult and trying times, has given hope to thousands of people through more than 44 years of volunteering.

Allan was a teacher in the Inner City Minneapolis Public School System for 32 years, and founded Minneapolis Recreation Development, Inc. 1967. Since its founding the Mission of MRD has been: “Love One Another” and the Guiding Principle: "Judge our society by how we care for our children and the disadvantaged." In 1996 Minneapolis Recreation Development, Inc. was granted 501(c) (3) Nonprofit Status which has helped offset the increasing needs in the community and ongoing expenses. MRD is an all volunteer non-profit with no salaries serving the homeless, poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged youth, and their families in the Twin Cities every day with food assistance, and a variety of other emergency needs through Three Core Programs. All donations are used for general operating expenses, or program specific funding. MRD does not have an office, but is based out of Alan’s apartment where he maintains 10 freezers to store sandwiches, and other program items. Additional sandwich storage freezers are located at a few volunteer drop sites in the Twin Cities.

Allan is the sole delivery person, and spends every night from 9pm to10am driving the inner city streets of the Twin Cities in search of people to help. He works overnight because that’s when shelters are closed, and homeless people living on the street are most vulnerable. He also responds to several calls a day 24/7 from people in crisis, with requests ranging from critical immediate needs, to others like help finding a job or temporary housing. Making as many as 50 stops a night, he provides urgently needed food, basic necessities, and compassionate care to hundreds of people from the back of his MRD minivan. On any given night there are an estimated 7,000 homeless people in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, and over 2,200 are children under 17. The goal of MRD is to feed, and provide emergency assistance to as many of them every day as possible.